What People Are Saying about Moldaw

Hear firsthand from residents and their families about Moldaw Residences.

Meet some of the people who could well be your future neighbors here!

Marcia Edelstein

Regrets? None whatsoever! I’m superbly happy, more than I ever anticipated. My many new friends were a surprising bonus. I’m local and wasn’t looking for new friends, but they’ve magically materialized. The interesting, intelligent and funny people I now call neighbors thrill me with their caring nature and openness to new adventures. Furthermore, my husband’s care in the memory support community is everything I could ask for – and his close proximity allows me to visit at will. For many, many reasons, I love living at Moldaw!

Beverly Bogart

I’m continually impressed with the quality service provided by every staff member at Moldaw. Everyone is courteous, helpful and thoughtful, and they truly care about each resident – like family. Having lived in my home for 49 years, I was a little worried about transitioning into a new way of living. Now that I’m here and settled in, I truly feel a sense of HOME – and the staff plays a big part in my comfort!

Jan Rogoway

I love living here at Moldaw. I feel as if I have a new extended family, and my life as a recent widow is a lot easier than it would have been had I moved to an apartment. I rave about Moldaw to everyone I meet.

Paul Kent

The campus setting of Moldaw is beautiful. I like that it’s in town and convenient to shopping, not tucked away in an out-of-the-way location. The physical setup of our community is ideal – perfect for mixing with children, teens and other adults.

Sol and Rosalind Kutner

Six years ago, we discovered Moldaw Residences, and were among the first to move in when the community opened. We’ve always been excited about Moldaw. The real bonuses here are not the good food, great location, excellent programs and nice accommodations, but the people who live and work here. We feel so at home, living with extended family.

Michele Koo

The decision to move your mother from her home filled with decades of memories is an extremely difficult one. The Moldaw Residences staff is amazingly accommodating, kind, supportive and available. My mother is thriving and loving the safety, interaction and sense of community at Moldaw. Thanks to the staff, her move was pleasant and seamless. We’re all very happy and at peace.

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