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After Alzheimer’s, spouses get second chance at love at age 86

Phillis and Ralph Simon have been friends for nearly 30 years

October 5, 2017

Committed friends Ralph and Phillis Simon (nee Bates) got and gave each other strength and support as their longtime spouses gradually succumbed to Alzheimer’s. Their commitment recently took a more abiding one, when they got married at Moldaw Residences, the beautiful life plan community in Palo Alto, Calif., they call home. Writer Greg Frazier captures the couple’s story, from the poignant to the promise they’ve made to look ahead and share new adventures.

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“Jeans! The Musical”

August 15, 2017

Yesterday's Moldaw production of the original, “Jeans! The Musical” presented reader style by Moldaw residents and co-written by resident Diane Claerbout, with Caryn Huberman Yacowitz and Enid Davis.

Palo Alto Senior Living Community to Host International Leaders in Aging

July 25, 2017

For the first time in more than 30 years, 6,000 professionals and leaders in the field of aging will converge on the Bay Area as part of the 21st International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG) World Congress, and one Palo Alto-based senior living community will host a special event.

The conference is one of the most significant in the field of gerontology and geriatrics, and hasn’t been held in the U.S. since 1985. In an effort to provide attendees with experiences beyond the week’s scheduled sessions, organizers have included a series of local educational learning visits, one of which will be at Moldaw Residences.

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Historic Bassoon Brings Two Generations of Musicians Together for a Special Concert in Palo Alto

July 3, 2017

Much like a Stradivarius is to the violin world, a Heckel is considered one of the gold standards in bassoons.

So when Laine Bryce decided to sell her Heckel upon retirement after 26 years of playing the instrument, she was understandably feeling separation anxiety. “The day I took it to UPS, I got in the car and had to start crying,” Bryce said.

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June 15, 2017

San Francisco Concert Bassoonist to Reunite with Former Owner and Perform Special Recital at Moldaw Residences in Palo Alto

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Five years ago, Laine Bryce came to a difficult realization – after 25 years together, it was time to part with her Heckel bassoon. After a fulfilling career as a freelance musician, including two decades in a bassoon quartet, Bryce knew it was time for someone else to enjoy her treasured woodwind instrument.

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Palo Alto couple married 55 years see country from their RV

June 2, 2017

When 83-year-old Gary Blackburn turns up in a recreational vehicle at the Moldaw Residences senior living community in Palo Alto where he lives, people can’t help but stop and watch.

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Moldaw Residences exclusive art celebration

The Friday Art Fair and wine reception was well attended and showcased the talented and creative expressions of Moldaw residents. Many of the works were created in Moldaw’s own sunlit artist’s studio. A weekly art class led by resident Warren W. fosters the creative spirit and artistic technique. Additionally, a full ceramics studio is available for sculpture or pottery endeavors.

Attendees enjoyed the creative efforts of artists Warren W., Ralph S., Sophie N., Eufemia P., Carolyn D., Melanie R., John B., Lottie B., Henry B., Dorothy S., and Sherrie E. Photos courtesy of Beth R.

Cultural acceptance, respect and understanding
Moldaw Residences welcomes neighbors

May 5, 2017

"We are all descendants from the millat or tribe of Abraham" – opening statement from Zoaib Rangwala, Secretary of the Anjuman e Jamali, managing the Hatemi mosque in Palo Alto.

A few members of the mosque joined residents for lunch at Moldaw Residences during which ideas, beliefs and stories were exchanged. The visitors presented beautiful shawls and scarves to the residents and staff present at the luncheon. As friendships and relations between the two communities grow, we look forward to more opportunities to come together. Our commonalties outweigh our differences.

Welcome, Neighbor

February 2017

How one group of residents crossed the street and built a relationship.

When the series of coordinated bombings went off in Paris in November of 2015, the world was shocked and horrified. But the image that resonated in the days following was that of hundreds of people standing in line to give blood to help the wounded.

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Senior facility adds kosher production space

January 12, 2017

Residents and their guests at the Moldaw Residences senior living facility in Palo Alto, Calif., can now get freshly prepared, certified kosher meals prepared in the community’s own kitchen.

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Coming together for Purim

March 24, 2016

Moldaw Residences recently hosted hosted sixth-grade students from Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School in a unique gathering to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim. This celebration highlights the special relationship between Moldaw Residences and Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School, and their dedication to building intergenerational relationships. With so much changing in our world today, it is important to maintain an open dialogue with one other, no matter the age difference. Often, we find there isn’t much that separates us, after all. The San Jose Mercury News recently featured a brief entry detailing the gathering!

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South Bay Muslims visit Moldaw seniors

March 17, 2016

Moldaw Residences recently hosted their neighbor, the Palo Alto Majid (mosque), for a unique gathering and an afternoon spent at Moldaw Residences. This meeting built on the community friendship that began last November, when residents from Moldaw visited the nearby mosque. By reuniting, the residents hope to further develop a community friendship built on mutual respect and understanding. The JWeekly recently featured a brief further detailing the gathering!

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Alexander Ben-Israel announced as executive director

February 23, 2016

Moldaw Residences is pleased to announce the appointment of Alexander Ben-Israel as executive director. This announcement was made by Kevin Hogan, chief operations officer of Jewish Senior Living Group. With 25 years of experience in the senior living industry, Ben-Israel brings a strong background as an expert in the field, with a record of effective management and performance. The San Francisco Business Journal recently featured Alexander’s announcement in their “Movers and Shakers” section.

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Go 4 Life at The Oshman Family JCC

January 25, 2016

Lily Anne Hillis, resident at Moldaw Residences, was featured for yoga at The Oshman Family JCC’s Go4Life program to inspire people to celebrate active aging. OnSite Fitness featured a story about the Go4Life program in their Winter 2015 edition.

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Crossing generations to play mahjong

January 14, 2016

Residents of Moldaw Residences participated in informal mahjong games with children from the Oshman Family Jewish Community Center’s afterschool enrichment program. The ancient game of mahjong is becoming more popular among younger generations, and the children have been learning about and practicing mahjong in their “Mind Games” afterschool class. Participants recently met at Moldaw Residences, where they had the opportunity to sit down with each other and play the game together. This was a tremendous learning experience, and it allowed them to create meaningful memories. The San Jose Mercury News featured a story about the unique intergenerational learning opportunity.

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Sing in the New Year

January 1, 2016

The Moldaw Singers invite the public to sing in the New Year at their free winter concert with an international theme. Titles “Around the World in Eight Languages,” the concert will feature solos and accompaniments by the full chorus as well as instrumental performances by a pianist, clarinetist and even opportunities for audience participation! Palo Alto Weekly featured an event entry about the details for the concert.

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Israeli-American exhibit settles in Palo Alto

December 17, 2015

Moldaw Residencies recently received a special donation from Congregation Kol Emeth in the form of framed prints of photographic enlargements of works by artists in Israel’s Arava region that were part of a collaborative exhibit by artists from Israel and members from Kol Emeth. The prints are now on permanent display at Moldaw Residencies, and can be viewed by the public by appointment by calling (650) 433-3629. JWeekly featured a meaningful story about the exhibit’s opening.

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Group of seniors visit Palo Alto mosque to learn about customs

November 17, 2015

A group of residents and staff from Moldaw Residencies made a trip over to the neighboring Palo Alto Mosque at the Dawoodi Bohra Community for a tour. The informative trip, allowed for the group to ask questions and learn more about the Islamic religion, and build a relationship with their neighbors. Later in the afternoon the group then attended a presentation on the Islamic religion where they were able to gain further insight and knowledge. The event allowed for Moldaw to build relationships and see more than what is in the news. KGO Channel 7 featured a meaningful story about the group’s visit.

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Moldaw team supports Walk to End Alzheimer's

November 4, 2015

Moldaw Residences recently had a fantastic team made up of residents and staff members participate in the San Jose Walk to End Alzheimer’s. The event was extremely meaningful for residents in memory support and their families, as well as independent living residents. It allowed them to raise awareness and money for much needed research. The Los Altos Town Crier featured an enlightening story about the team’s efforts.

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Moldaw Residences Hosts Longevity And Healthy Aging Expert Dr. Walter Bortz, Author Of The Roadmap To 100

October 7, 2015

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Four-legged friends retire with owners at Moldaw Residences

September 16, 2015

Two of our senior residents here at Moldaw, who are avid dog-lovers and discussed the health benefits and significant bond they share with their four-legged friends. They do not need an excuse like the annual occasion, National Dog Appreciation Day, to express how grateful they are for their loyal canine companions, but that is what inspired them to speak out most recently about having their beloved pets with them in retirement.

Scientific research actually shows there are measurable health benefits for dog/pet owners, and Ruth Fish and Barbara Gunther would agree wholeheartedly. Studies have shown that after only 15 minutes of interacting with a pet, a chemical chain reaction in the brain occurs, leading to lower blood pressure and stress levels almost immediately. Over the long term, pet bonding can lower cholesterol levels and ultimately help protect against heart disease and stroke. These ladies are grateful for their loyal canine companions, and they love having their beloved pets with them in retirement here at Moldaw Residences. Read more about their story that was featured in Los Altos Town Crier.

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Talk of the Town

August 7, 2015

While it is easy and tempting to utilize one’s new-found free time in retirement to focus on oneself and living a leisurely life of travel and carefree fun, these two women are taking advantage of their retirement to concentrate on others in need. Helga Newman and Joyce Tavrow are just two residents among others here at Moldaw who have been volunteering their time and talents to give back to the community. Both help at the local Food Closet in Palo Alto. Tavrow, also stays busy with the League of Women Voters analyzing election ballot measures and making unbiased presentations to interested groups.

Palo Alto Daily Post ran this write-up about them recently in the paper.

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Talk of the Town

July 7, 2015

One of our very own Moldaw residents was the “Talk of the Town” recently in the Palo Alto Daily Post. Milton Klein was featured in the paper for his fascinating background and career. He was in charge of merging and managing the joint agency of NASA and the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) to develop a nuclear rocket engine that would someday send humans to Mars. It’s gratifying for Milton who was involved in the creation and early use of that kind of technology to see it still in use today. In fact, New Horizons, which recently began its approach phase to Pluto and will result in the first flyby of the dwarf planet July 14th of this year, is powered by a descendant of the nuclear battery Milton Klein helped develop in the 1960s and 1970s. Check out the write-up about him here.

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Palo Alto rabbi reflects on a life of righteous activism

June 11, 2015

Our very own Moldaw resident, Rabbi Herbert David Teitelbaum, recently celebrated his autobiography’s publication. The book’s title, As a Mighty Stream: The Life of an American Rabbi, comes from the book of Amos and covers major historical events he witnessed while serving in the Korean War as Army Chaplain, marching in Selma, Alabama, with Martin Luther King, Jr. as an ordained Rabbi. Additionally, he reflects on his experiences in the Soviet Union in the late 70s when he brought support to Jewish “refuseniks,” who were Jews forbidden to emigrate to Israel. Teitelbaum’s “life of righteous activism” was featured by JWeekly.

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More impressively, Teitelbaum was referenced by name during President Obama’s speech given just last month in observance of Jewish Heritage Month. You can watch the speech and skip to the end here to listen to the mention at the conclusion of the President’s presentation:

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Palo Alto women make walking a daily habit

May 7, 2015

Moldaw Residences kicked off an impressive community-wide walking campaign earlier this year that had many of the staff members and residents inspired to get moving, and it has had a lasting effect. Residents and staff formed teams together and logged their daily total steps tracked by pedometers. The goal was to increase physical activity, and it certainly has. Our residents Beverly Bogart and Beth Roth were featured by San Jose Mercury News based on their dedication to continue walking regularly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Moldaw residents selected to participate in new software technology pilot program launch

April 24, 2015

There has been a noticeable trend among many businesses in the Silicon Valley and high-level executives partnering with large healthcare technology firms and helping launch new apps to meet the needs of older adults. Cubigo, Inc., is among such companies and has developed an open, independent, web-based platform designed to help seniors have more control and maintain their independence longer by adding and adapting Cubes™ or small applications to the user-friendly dashboard based on their individual needs and preferences. About a dozen of our residents here at Moldaw were selected to participate in a six-week pilot program and test out the software on their personal devices. Read the full story about the project in this Palo Alto Daily News article.

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Making music and friends at Moldaw

March 6, 2015

We at Moldaw Residences enjoyed a visit from local students of Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School last week. They spent time reflecting on Purim, playing music and participating in a collaborative art project. See the great photos captured by a San Jose Mercury News photographer.

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Moldaw Singers perform upbeat songs

January 14, 2015

Check out the full story about the recent concert performance given by our senior choral group at Moldaw Residences with special guest performer, Serena De Mello – a local 14-year-old tap dancer – running online and the Los Altos Town Crier. This was an entertaining and truly upbeat intergenerational event that showcased the Moldaw Singers’ talent as well as Serena’s.

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Moldaw Singers Perform Upbeat Songs and Uplift the Audience with Intergenerational Concert Performance

December 17, 2014

The members of our senior choral group at Moldaw Residences, Palo Alto’s innovative retirement community, recently gave a terrific concert, and this time, brought in a guest to make it a fun and intergenerational performance that any age group could enjoy. Local tap dancer, 14-year-old Serena De Mello, joined the seniors with her tap shoes and her umbrella as she did a special routine to “Singin’ in the Rain.” This was a fantastic intergenerational event and showcased our residents’ talent as well as Serena’s.

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Chanukah celebrated at Moldaw

December 20, 2014

This year to commemorate Chanukah at Moldaw, a different resident was designated to light the candles every evening and share his or her personal memories surrounding the holiday. On the second night, residents gathered together after the lighting of the candles for a meal of traditional foods like potato latkes. During the third night’s ceremony, residents who participate in the choral group Moldaw Singers led the group in a variety of traditional Chanukah songs and wintertime favorites. Moldaw resident Rabbi David Teitelbaum discussed the overall importance of the holiday and the significance of the family menorahs. In addition, Henry Burger, as well as others, talked about their personal menorahs and how this time of year brings them all together in a special way.

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Lots to celebrate at Moldaw milestone

December 18, 2014

The J Weekly recently shared the news about Moldaw Residences’ celebrating its five-year anniversary and major milestone of reaching 100% occupancy. Palo Alto’s Mayor Nancy Shepherd attended, and honorees who were recognized included Mrs. Stuart Moldaw, the first five residents to move into the community, one of the original board members and current co-chairman, Larry Marks, and the first five employees. It was fabulous time for everyone there!

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World War II Veteran Resident and Executive Director at Moldaw Reflect on Military Experiences and Life Lessons Gained

November 18, 2014

Moldaw is filled with rich history and fascinating residents. You can read about one of our beloved WWII veterans, Henry Sterngold, and his experiences as a Navy officer here and learn about the special ceremony and luncheon we held in honor of all our resident veterans recently for Veterans Day.

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Something to Celebrate

October 31, 2014

Palo Alto Daily News heard about our recent celebration! View the photo and mention in the paper about our five-year anniversary and celebration of complete occupancy.

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Moldaw Residences Celebrates Fifth Anniversary and Full Occupancy

October 29, 2014

Moldaw Residences recently celebrated the community’s five-year anniversary and major milestone of reaching 100% occupancy. At the event Palo Alto’s Mayor Nancy Shepherd made a special appearance, and other distinguished guests and honorees who were recognized included Mrs. Stuart Moldaw, the first five residents to move into the community, one of the original board members and current co-chairman, Larry Marks, and the first five employees.

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Seniors and Staff at Moldaw Residences Enjoy Special Service in Preparation for High Holidays

October 8, 2014

Seniors and staff here at Moldaw enjoyed a special Selichot Service led by Rabbi Elisheva Salamo.

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High Holidays

September 26, 2014

Palo Alto Daily News featured our special Selichot Service led by Rabbi Elisheva Salamo and the way our residents and staff paused for reflection in preparation for the High Holidays and the Jewish New Year – Rosh Hashanah.

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Author-printer-publisher celebrates hobby that ‘took over my life’

August 28, 2014

The JWeekly shared this fascinating story about Moldaw resident and author-print-publisher, Frederica Postman. She has made artists’ books that limited-edition, handmade works that are cherished by collectors and have appeared in New York’s Whitney Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago.

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Sharing their life stories, passions through art

August 3, 2014

Carole Stein, Moldaw’s resident council president, along with fellow residents and co-chairs for the “Share the Art” program Nancy Rossen, former docent for Stanford’s Cantor Arts Center, and Rozalind Hain, a fine arts collector, recently were featured in Palo Alto Weekly. Stein is a firm believer in the calming effect feng shui can provide in a person’s life, and she was anxious to share that knowledge and her perspective on this 3,000 year-old Chinese system with her fellow residents as a special exclusive event through the “Share the Art” program.

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WWII veteran reflects on capturing history during wartime

July 16, 2014

Jack Geffner, a WWII veteran here at Moldaw Residences, recently was featured in Los Altos Town Crier. Geffner discussed his experiences in the Air Force as a Photo Lab Commander in the Pacific Theater. He processed the film that provided P-38 pilots with insight on enemies’ coastlines and determined their targets for the day. Now Geffner remains an active and leading member of the Jewish War Veterans at Post #60 in San Jose and enjoys his retirement with his wife Shirley here at Moldaw.

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Moldaw Singers give fellow seniors and guests a thrilling concert

June 26, 2014

The Moldaw Singers recently gave a uniquely wonderful concert performance for fellow senior residents and special guests. The choral group welcomed some professional musicians to join them in performing songs of a classical repertoire, and the seniors put a “pop twist” on some of the classics with new lyrics. Music can have powerful effects on the brain and defend against memory loss. Read the entire article Palo Alto Daily News ran about how these seniors at Moldaw are enjoying making music while keeping their minds sharp here.

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WWII Veteran and Moldaw Resident Reflects on Military Experiences and the Importance of Memorial Day

May 22, 2014

Our 94-year-old WWII veteran here at Moldaw Residences, Jack Geffner, understands the importance of pausing to reflect on Memorial Day and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our nation. Geffner reflects on his experiences in the Air Force as he served in a rather unique role – as a Photo Lab Commander processing the film that would provide P-38 pilots with insight on enemies’ coastlines and determine their targets for the day. Geffner is an active and leading member of the Jewish War Veterans at Post #60 in San Jose.

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Moldaw Resident Shares Story of Surviving Breast Cancer in Her 80s

April 30, 2014

A truly inspiring Moldaw resident survived breast cancer in her mid-80s, and she’s sharing her story to increase awareness about cancer. The editor of the popular news website Patch featured her story on the home page.

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Local seniors reflect on relationships

March 12, 2014

Two couples here at Moldaw Residences recently shared insight on how to maintain healthy romantic relationships and had their love stories featured in The Los Altos Town Crier. Each offers a unique perspective as the Shapiros have been married for 67 years, and the Sterngolds are enjoying the newly-wed phase of their marriage.

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Palo Alto 82-year-old staying fit for life

March 6, 2014

Our own Adele Tarran here at Moldaw Residences was featured recently by the Bay Area News Group because of the way she is staying “fit for life” and exercising regularly at age 82. Adele hits the gym to do aerobics exercises and some weight-working but also enjoys the meditative exercise class of Tai Chi offered here and even keeps up in the fast-paced Zumba class at the JCC next door.

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Finding Love After The Age Of 70

February 13, 2014

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Manny and Bee Cherkas, Moldaw residents, shared their love story on HuffPost Live, The Huffington Post’s live-streaming network. The couple actually started dating after sitting next to each other at a meet and greet lunch at Moldaw Residences before the community broke ground. They got married seven months later.

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Senior sensations Moldaw Singers perform concerts for local audiences

January 15, 2014

Los Altos Town Crier recently featured The Moldaw Singers in their Senior Lifestyles section. The talented and dedicated group of vocalists led by Linda Mankin recently performed “A Biblical Songfest” at the JCC and kept the audience entertained throughout the evening. Now the Moldaw Singers are excited to prepare for more great performances in the year ahead.

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Second Act: Warren Weinstock, Palo Alto

December 13, 2013

San Jose Mercury News recently featured Moldaw resident Warren Weinstock in their “Second Act” section. The writer was fascinated by the way Warren’s artwork seemed to flourish after a long career in realty. Now he shares his artistic talent with fellow active residents at Moldaw through regular art classes and provides art classes for those in memory care as well.

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Finding their voices

November 22, 2013

Moldaw resident Warren Weinstock shares his undeniable talent in art by teaching art classes to fellow residents and helping those in memory care enjoy expressing themselves through painting as well. Palo Alto Weekly recently featured him and the residents in his class telling the story of how he helps them “find their voices” through art – one of the few ways many still communicate.

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German immigrant, U.S. Navy vet reflects on WWII service

November 12, 2013

Moldaw resident Henry Burger shared his unique and powerful story of escaping Nazi oppression with his family in Germany and later serving in the U.S. Navy during WWII. Burger is grateful he had the opportunity to serve what he considers to be the “greatest nation” and believes serving in the military is a truly enlightening experience for everyone. We’re certainly thankful for veterans like Burger.

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Artist explores junction of creativity, dementia

November 11, 2013

Moldaw resident Warren Weinstock’s professional career was in realty, but his true passion and undeniable skill has always been in art. Now he is sharing his talent with his fellow residents here at Moldaw teaching regular art classes on campus. Recently, the SF Chronicle recognized his remarkable artistic abilities and his efforts to teach art and connect with those in the memory care division.

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Palo Alto man shares his memories of Kristallnacht

November 7, 2013

Moldaw resident Al Kuhn recently shared his first-hand account and vivid memories of the historic, traumatic events that took place during Kristallnacht in a feature by The Jewish News Weekly on the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht. Kuhn reflects on experiencing and surviving the series of violent attacks and demolition targeting Jews while he lived in Germany as a child. He believes it is important for survivors like he and his wife, Liliane, to share their stories and commemorate this part of history.

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Whiffenpoofs perform at Moldaw

October 25, 2013

Moldaw Residences recently hosted The Whiffenpoofs of Yale University. The 14 talented male college seniors gave an outstanding performance to more than 200 guests and residents at Moldaw as they sang a variety of hits from over the decades, traditional Yale songs as well as original compositions. Having formed more than 100 years ago, The Whiffenpoofs is known as the world’s oldest and best known collegiate a cappella group as they tour the globe each year.

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Intergenerational sukkah

September 27, 2013

Moldaw residents Ellen Rubinand Adele Tarran show a couple of youngsters how to shop for produce at the Sukkot Harvest Festival last week.

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Toasting the harvest at Moldaw

September 21, 2013

Residents and staff members of Moldaw Residences recently were joined in celebration by children from the Oshman Family Jewish Community Center’s Preschool Sukkot Mini Camp for the annual Sukkot holiday, the harvest festival in Jewish religion.

Attendees came together in the courtyard of Moldaw Residences for musical entertainment, refreshments and a free farmer’s market set up for them to browse and enjoy fresh local produce as they paid homage to their agricultural roots and enjoyed the beauty and nutrition of nature.

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Seniors stay fit with T'ai Chi

August 15, 2013

Many are motivated during the summer’s warmer weather to get outside and get fit, but seniors of Moldaw Residences are staying physically active and fit all year-round by engaging in exercises like T’ai Chi. A reporter for Palo Alto Daily News was so impressed by the residents who attend this martial arts class offered once a week of the JCC, she recently went by to capture some great shots of them in action.

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Apollo 11 anniversary: Bay Area remembers Moon landing

July 20, 2013

Saturday, July 20, marked the 44th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission when we successfully landed on the moon. Moldaw residents, Al Kuhn and Manny Cherkas, took time to reflect on that great achievement in our nation’s history. Kuhn helped design the rocket propulsion systems for the lunar module that landed the astronauts on the moon that historic day, and more importantly, helped bring them home. Cherkas, inspired by that mission as a Stanford student, later worked for NASA as an electronic engineer during the Pioneer Venus mission. San Jose Mercury News featured their stories and insight on space exploration in the paper.

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Bay Area NASA Scientists Recall Historic Apollo 11 Mission

July 19, 2013

Recently, CBS reporter Allen Martin for San Francisco's KPIX 5 news station met with Moldaw residents, Al Kuhn and Manny Cherkas, to hear about their experience working with NASA. In honor of the 44th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission (7/20), Kuhn shared insight about his work on the lunar module which landed the astronauts on the moon that historic day and, more importantly, successfully brought them home. Manny reflected on how such courageous efforts of that mission inspired him as a Standford student at the time to work on the Pioneer Venus mission with NASA later down the road.

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Palo Alto Man Holds Unique Place In World History

July 17, 2013

Moldaw Residences very own, Al Kuhn, has played a major role in world history from surviving the darkest hour of the Holocaust to being a part our nation’s momentous Apollo 11 mission when we took that “giant leap for mankind” by landing on the moon. NBC Bay Area News reporter for channel 11, Garvin Thomas, met with Al to hear about his fascinating life story and how his work in designing the rocket propulsion systems on the lunar module brought our astronauts home safely from the moon that historic day 44 years ago.

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Seniors in their 80s and 90s at Moldaw Residences are more active than people half their age

June 26, 2013

Moldaw residents are extremely active well into their 80s and 90s. Two residents in particular share a love for Tai Chi, walking and exercising. One even walks to the grocery store to do her shopping. By sharing their stories, the women are setting an example for people of all ages. The popular website Patch featured both women in a story about their dedication to staying fit.

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Carolyn Livengood: Palo Alto Host Lions Club to hold charity event at Palo Alto Concours d'Elegance

June 7, 2013

Harry and Ellen Rubinchik, Moldaw residents, just celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary. Since they lived in San Mateo County before moving to Moldaw Residences and for most of their married life, the San Mateo County Times took an interest in their story. Carolyn Livengood featured them in a recent column.

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Senior Profiles: Moldaw Residences pays tribute to mothers

May 15, 2013

Two mothers who live at Moldaw Residences share their perspectives about motherhood, family life and the love of their children. Their stories were spotlighted in a recent article in the Los Altos Town Crier.

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Highly Entertaining, Interactive and Energetic Event Teaching the Art of Conductorcise

May 19, 2013

When you mix music, physical activity, mental endurance and fun, you get Conductorcise. After 60 years as a professional musician, David Dworkin, is travelling to Moldaw Residences to bring this unique way to exercise your mind and body in a special Conductorcise class that’s free and open to the public. Participants will hold a baton, stand up and mimic Dworkin’s exaggerated movements of a conductor.

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David Dworkin’s Conductorcise Class in Palo Alto

May 22, 2013

The Conductorcise event was a true hit at Moldaw Residences. Residents, invited guests and the public had a chance to try out this unique, interactive, enthusiastic form of exercise. The San Jose Mercury News sent out a photographer to capture some amazing photos that were featured in the newspaper.

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Teen techies help older generation get comfy with computers

April 25, 2013

Technologically savvy teens donate their time to help residents at Moldaw with small to large technological questions. The exciting partnership was featured in a recent article in j. the Jewish news weekly.

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Palo Alto seniors carry ID and medical info on key chain USB drives

April 15, 2013

Moldaw residents are going high tech when it comes to preparing for a medical emergency. They are uploading critical health information to flash drives. The Peninsula Press wrote a comprehensive story about the program.

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Remembering the Holocaust

April 8, 2013

In honor of Yom Ha’Shoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, survivors at Moldaw Residences are helping to ensure that no one forgets what happened. From a baby hidden on a farm for four years to a family who escaped Germany for Bolivia, three Moldaw residents talk about their memories and experiences during the Holocaust. The San Mateo Daily Journal featured their stories in the paper.

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Teens teach Palo Alto seniors the language of tech

March 4, 2013

Area teens headed to Moldaw Residences for monthly one-on-one technology tutorials held in the residents’ apartments. The residents and students truly enjoyed the experience. The wonderful intergenerational event was featured in the San Jose Mercury News.

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Seniors: Finding ways to stay fit

March 1, 2013

Three Moldaw residents share their stories about staying fit and active as they age as part of a feature article in the Palo Alto Weekly. With the Oshman Family JCC being on the same campus, it is easy to find a fun way to get moving.

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Intergenerational Event Brings Joy to Seniors and First Grade Students

February 26, 2013

A wonderful intergenerational event brought first grade students from Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School out to sing, share treats and spend time with residents at Moldaw. The popular Patch news website featured a story about the Purim celebration.

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Self-Described 'Weird' Palo Alto Couple Married For More Than 55 Years

February 14, 2013

High School Sweethearts and native San Franciscans Ellen and Harry Rubinchik have been married more than 55 years. The Moldaw residents share their story with KPIX CBS 5 TV for a special Valentine’s Day feature.

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Palo Alto Couple Finds Love While Young At Heart

February 14, 2013

They met at a special meet and greet at Moldaw Residences, and now they have been married for more than four years. Manny and Bee Cherkas share their love story with KPIX CBS 5 TV.

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66 Years After Their Blind Date, They're Still Smitten: 3 Couples Share Love Stories

February 13, 2013

Longtime married couples and newlyweds at Moldaw Residences share their love stories in honor of Valentine’s Day. One of the couples actually fell in love after sitting next to each other at a meet and greet lunch event at Moldaw! Their stories were featured on the popular news website

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Converting fear to confidence

January 24, 2013

Teens from Palo Alto, Los Altos, Atherton and Menlo Park volunteered their time at Moldaw Residences to help the residents navigate their technological devices. The residents and teens thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and they were featured on Palo Alto Online.

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Menlo School junior Josh Lauder tutors seniors on tech savvy techniques

January 16, 2013

Josh Lauder, great grandson of Estee Lauder, organized the first of several monthly technology one-on-one tutorials held by area teenagers for residents at Moldaw Residences. The popular news site, InMenlo, featured a fabulous story about this wonderful partnership.

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Palo Alto World War II Veterans Remember Their Service

November 12, 2012

In honor of Veteran’s Day, KPIX/CBS 5 featured two World War II veterans who now enjoy life at Moldaw Residences. Herm Shapiro and Leland Felton shared their stories of sacrifice, triumph and heroic acts.

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Proud remembrances

November 09, 2012

The Palo Alto Weekly featured two Moldaw residents in the weekly cover story. Herm Shapiro and Leland Felton shared their touching stories about their military service in World War II. The newspaper highlighted their experiences in honor of Veteran’s Day.

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Yoga keeps instructor, 75, feeling young

October 31, 2012

The San Francisco Chronicle featured Lily Anne Hillis, 75-year-old yoga instructor and resident at Moldaw Residences. She created a chair yoga class specifically designed for residents who have limited mobility. Hillis has a true passion for yoga, and she enjoys helping residents stay active.

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Defying age, defining champions

October 22, 2012

Palo Alto Weekly featured the screening of the moving documentary, Age of Champions, at Moldaw Residences. The film was shot primarily in Palo Alto at the National Senior Olympics. Moldaw Residences invited the public to meet the director at the free, uplifting event.

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Senior Olympian and Menlo Park architect Pat Keller is featured in documentary

October 22, 2012

InMenlo, a popular news website, highlighted the appearance of 93-year-old practicing architect and competitive swimmer Pat Keller at a free documentary screening at Moldaw Residences. Keller and the Age of Champions director will answer questions at the event that is open to the public.

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Teaching 7 yoga classes a week at age 75 – how an inspiring resident at Moldaw Residences stays young

October 01, 2012

KPIX/CBS 5 featured Lily Anne Hillis’ inspirational story about staying active. The resident and yoga instructor at Moldaw Residences offered a humorous and knowledgeable perspective about leading yoga classes at age 75.

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Moldaw Residences Named 2010 Builder's Choice Winner

October 01, 2010

Conventional wisdom on senior housing holds that it should be hidden from view. This eight-acre project in the heart of Silicon Valley does quite the opposite. The 193-unit residential continuum-of-care complex is one of the Taube Koret Campus’ most prominent features.

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